Mig!Leela May Stokholm (DK/GB 1979) is an Amsterdam based independant artist, performer, theatre maker, singer, teacher, coach, initiator. Grew up in Copenhagen, Denmark, being half English, half Danish and born in India.

She graduated from The Mime School in 2005 as a visual and physical theatre maker and performer. Before that she studied one year at the Modern Theatre Dance School MTD in Amsterdam.

Leela combines her musical background in singing, playing clarinet, with her visual art (drawing and photography) as well as her movement studies in dance and sport (Wing Tjun Kung Fu, contemporary dance, physical acting (modern Mime), football, handball, judo, horse riding a.o.). Also her fascination for biology, behavioural patterns, psychology, mythology, and cultural existentialism creates a basis for her research of the nature of improvisation and (oral) communication.

She has always worked interdisciplinary in her own work, to create a way of communicating that communicates in a direct and poetic ways beyond reason. Often finding music opening this space naturally, she has worked with musicians, dj’s and even letting live carpentering be a musical element. Her love and fascination for improvisation has grow into a focus. Since 2013 she is closely connected to the Mime School in Amsterdam as a coach and teacher – leading the Voice Improvisation classes (Briesen) handed on to her from her successor Fons van Tienen.

The Horse Sessions – to act in concert’ is a project Leela has long wanted to create. To bring together the world of the visual, physical, theatrical and musical in a connected breathing direct whole. Creating a vibrant energetically space in the real here and Now opening a journey in the freedom of the imagination. And inviting the audience to let go, and give in to experience from a natural and intuitive place.

The performing artists and musicians on board:

Elli Frank (voice, performance, acting). With humor, passion, necessity she touches, pulls, twists, and crafts unpredictably with a theatricality flowing through her veins as was she a 100 year old tree full of stories.

Joram Heijmans (voice, performance, guitar). Sensitive, adventurous, transforming from a deep natural theatricality and always ready to surprise with an unexpected twist. Do not say I did not warn you.

Rogier Hornman (voice, performance, cello). Classically trained, but finally finding his real sensitivity back and a passionate, wild horse emerges virtuously in his nature. Refined balancing between a sensing surrendering, and a precise overview always knowing how to make the flow get depth and dimension.

Elsa van der Linden (voice, performance, saxophone). Surprising contrasts. Soft, sweet, deep, raw. Crooked, peep, soothing, growl. We have still to see all the layers of this talented lady. From the depth of her soul, she spreads her wings and opens the sky.

Martijn Schier (voice, performance, acting). Flamingos, ice bears, Margarethe and more passing and disappearing from and with a freedom of sharpness using everything in the space, body, and play as material.

Zoe Schollee (voice, performance, acting). A old poetic soul mother captured in a body, wanting to lift, dissolve, fall, hold and bridge the gap between what is impossible to put in words and doing it anyways with grace.